DATA is the tool, CHANGE is the action

Most organisations fail to gain value from data, despite having heavily invested in data initiatives. But why? In order to be impactful, a data strategy needs to integrate the resulting organisational change. The value chain of data goes DATA > LEARNING > CHANGE > PROFIT A data strategy that does not include applying the learnings […]

Google Analytics tracking to BigQuery now for free

First, let me highlight that this is the first time that tracking and granular data access have become so free and easy. This opens the door to data usage for the smaller companies that could not previously justify the 6 figure yearly tracking cost that the alternatives bring. HOW TO CONNECT A new feature released […]

Survival of the (data) fittest

In an economy of plenty, many companies can maintain inefficiency and still thrive. However, being wasteful leads to business quickly losing your economic footing in a competitive market. How does data help companies weather a crisis? Optimisations Optimising processes makes all the difference. And despite having data savvy operational employees, without the correct data, you […]

The illusion of data literacy

The biggest misunderstanding about data is the belief that people understand data. The current talk of numbers in the context of coronavirus exposes this fact. Currently there isn’t any data on infection rates in the general population (unbiased samples). It’s not there on mortality, or on magnitude of outcome improvement for patients receiving treatment either. […]

Hiring data people: how to interview and what to look for

Most companies that plateau early in their data initiatives do so because of a lack of understanding of who to hire, when and what for. Data supports decisions. Start from the top. Of course, but what does this mean for hiring data people? It means that the company needs a goal against which performance of […]

Preventing churn with data. A practical guide.

Any successful business must have a working customer acquisition method. But the ones that stay successful are the ones that keep their customers for the long run. Despite this fact, many succesful companies do not have a customer retention strategy. Churn is especially relevant for businesses such as services, subscription models, or for lifestyle choices […]